Things To Do At VikingsCon

The Gyrfalcon 20 Foot Viking Ship

Did you know that there is a Viking ship in southern Maryland that you can actually go sailing on? 😲 Visit the Longship Company’s encampment at VikingsCon & see their 20 foot viking ship replica of the Gonstead ship, the Gyrfalcon. 

Floki's Flying Axe Workshop

45-minute Instructional Axe throwing workshop. Learn the fundamentals of axe throwing and engage in friendly competition to demonstrate what you’ve learned.

Live Forging Demo by Champion Forger

Join History Channel’s Forged In Fire Champion Chris Farrell of Fearghal Blades, for a live forging demo of a Vikings style blade. 

Leather Crafting Workshop

Join Lynrace Leather & Art in this free workshop! Learn the basics of Leather Crafting from leather artist John Blunt of Lynrace Leather & Art. Participants will receive a blank wristband. You will be provided with access to various tools to create a custom wristband of your own design. Yours to keep!   

A Demonstration of Viking Strength

The Húsafell Stone is a legendary lifting stone located in Húsafell, Iceland. The test to achieve fullsterkur ("full-strong") status is to lift the stone up and carry it 50 meters.  Feats of strength were often used as a rite of passage during the viking era. At VikingsCon, join 301 Strongman, a strength team from southern Maryland, as they incorporate these old world methods to test the physical and mental strength of men and women through lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, carrying and pressing events. 

Fire Performance

 Pyrophoric Fire Dance Troupe will bring you a dynamic spectacle of fire poi, hoop, fans, staff, orbs, snakes, fire breathing, fire umbrella, s-staves, Fire Faeries, and more! Infusing dance, art and fire into their shows, they will bring  the Euphoric Art of Fire to VikingsCon!    

Illusion, Sideshow Circus & Magic

Join Philadelphia Juggler, Magician and Fire performer Douglas Stafford as he brings family-friendly entertainment and laughter through the medium of bad ideas.  Attendees of all ages will enjoy this spectacular show of magic and enormous bubbles

Grab your shield and join us on the battle field for an epic Viking-themed Nerf battle hosted by Southern Maryland House of Nerf on Sunday October 21.  

Games will run ALL DAY and are open to ALL AGES

Living History Encampment

Viking Village

Walk through our Viking Village for an immersive experience in everyday Viking life. Join re-enactors as they demonstrate cooking, games, weapons & combat, arts & crafts, and activities from the Viking era.

Re-enactors Attending VikingsCon

The Everyday Viking

Barony of Dun Carraig (SCA)

The Longship Co.

Richmond Fantasy-Inspired Hiking and Camping 

Njörðr's Wanderers 

Leif Ericson Viking Ship, Inc

10th Century Danes

Maryland Saga

Njörðr's Wanderers

Richmond Fantasy-Inspired Hiking and Camping 

Are you a Re-enactor or part of a re-enactment group? Join our Living History Encampment and attend for FREE!  

Complete our Re-enactors application to reserve your space. 

Approved re-enactors are admitted free! (Space is Limited)

Ragnarok Encampment

 Join us for an overnight camping experience at VikingsCon with our Ragnarok Encampment pass. 

You must pre-register in order to get a camping space. Spaces will not be sold at the event. 

This pass is $50, and includes up to 2 people on one pass.

(each additional person will have to purchase a pass).

Spaces are sold in 10' x 15' lots; 1 tent per space and you must bring your own tent and supplies. 

Set up for your encampment will take place after official con hours. 

Period style tent recommended.

Please read the full rules and regulations. 

Encampment Info

1st Annual VikingsCon Cosplay Contest

Register for the VikingsCon Cosplay Contest!

Re-enactors are welcome!

We will have multiple categories, including categories for Authentic Viking Garb for Re-enactors  who may want to participate.

You must have an admission pass at the time of the event to participate in the cosplay contest. Open to all ages!!

Presented by: Pop Culture Uncovered

The VikingsCon Cosplay Contest is hosted by Pop Culture Uncovered (PCU). PCU is a place for all things geeky, including comics, movies, gaming, cosplay, TV and more. For more information on PCU visit them on the web or Facebook

Register for the VikingsCon Cosplay today!

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Viking Artifacts Display

Hold a 10th Century Viking Sword!

View authentic viking weapons courtesy of Author and Historian David Mullaly.

More Programming...

  • Blacksmithing demo
  • Viking Battle Strategies and Fighting Techniques
  • Shieldwall formation workshop
  • Mythological Storytelling 
  • Face Painting
  • Hnefatafl - Viking Board Game stations
  • LARPing (Live Action Role-Playing)

And much more...

Check back often as we are still planning and adding more amazing demos and workshops.