VikingsCon programming will be very interactive and includes panels, several workshops, demos and training courses, a cosplay contest, a living history encampment and more Vikings-era things to see and do for all ages! We will even be hosting an after-party and camping!  

Our Call For Programming Now Open!

Do you have an idea for a panel, programming/performance piece or workshop?

Submit a Programming Application now !

Things to Do

Leif Ericson Viking Ship Display

 Leif Ericson Viking Ship, Inc. will be joining us and bringing along their 40 ft. replica Viking ship! The “Norseman” is a full sized replica of the Afterbåt or Afterboat, found buried with the famous Gokstad ship near Oslo, Norway. Join them to learn all about Leif Ericson and building a Viking ship! 

Floki's Flying Axe Workshop

45-minute Instructional Axe throwing workshop. Learn the fundamentals of axe throwing and engage in friendly competition to demonstrate what you’ve learned.

Forging Demo

 Join Chris Farrell of Fearghal Blades, Forged in Fire Champion, for a live forging demo of a Viking style blade. Then join a Q & A with him about the myths, legends and realities of bladesmithing. 

Leather Crafting Workshop

Join Valkyrie Leather Design in this free workshop! Learn the basics of Leather Crafting from leather artist Rebecca Renner of Valkyrie Leather Design. Participants will receive a blank wristband. You will be provided with gloves, dyes and access to various tools to create a custom wristband of your own design. Yours to keep!   

Combat & Weapons Training Workshop

Join Wyrd Brothers Productions for a display and demonstration of understood armed combat techniques with traditional weapons such as swords, axes, spears and shields. 

Learn how they are used these weapons in practical application and how armed combat styles developed over time. 

Living History

Vikings Living History Encampment

Walk through our Viking camp for an immersive experience in everyday Viking life.

Join re-enactors as they demonstrate arts and activities from the Viking Age.

Re-enactors Attending VikingsCon

The Everyday Viking

Barony of Dun Carraig (SCA)

The Longship Co.

Are you a Re-enactor or part of a re-enactment group? Join our Living History Encampment!  

Complete our Re-enactors application to reserve your space. 

Approved re-enactors are admitted free!

Ragnarok Encampment

 Join us for an overnight camping experience at VikingsCon with our Ragnarok Encampment pass. 

You must pre-register in order to get a camping space. Spaces will not be sold at the event. 

This pass is $50, and includes up to 2 people on one pass.

(each additional person will have to purchase a pass).

Spaces are sold in 10' x 15' lots; 1 tent per space and you must bring your own tent and supplies. 

Period style tent recommended, but not required.

Please read the full rules and regulations. 

More Programming...

  • Blacksmithing demo
  • Viking Battle Strategies and Fighting Techniques
  • Shieldwall formation workshop
  • Archery Workshop
  • Alphorn soloist 
  • Mythological Storytelling 
  • Hnefatafl - Viking Board Game stations
  • LARPing (Live Action Role-Playing)

And much more...

Check back often as we are still planning and adding more amazing demos and workshops.