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Do you have a presentation, panel or workshop ideas?  Some of our best programming is created by our attendees.  And now it’s time for you, the biggest Vikings fans in the world, to share your knowledge and passion with the rest of VikingsCon!  

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Viking Living History


Immersive Experience

Walk through our Viking Village for an immersive experience in everyday Viking life. 


Everyday Viking Life

 Join re-enactors as they demonstrate cooking, games, weapons & combat, arts & crafts, and activities from the Viking era. 


Re-enactors Welcome


Are you a Re-enactor or part of a re-enactment group? 

Join our Living History Encampment and attend for FREE!  

Complete our Re-enactors application to reserve your space for the weekend. 

Approved re-enactors are admitted free! (Space is Limited)

Re-enactors Apply Now

Ragnarok Encampment


Overnight Camping


Join us for an overnight camping experience at VikingsCon with our Ragnarok Encampment pass. 

You must pre-register in order to get a camping space. Spaces will not be sold at the event. 


Period-style Tent


This pass is $50, and includes up to 2 people on one pass.

(each additional person will have to purchase a pass).

Spaces are sold in 10' x 15' lots; 1 tent per space and you must bring your own tent and supplies. 

Set up for your encampment will take place before and after official con hours. 

Period style tent required.

Please read the full rules and regulations. 

Encampment Info

Traditional Viking Feast


Celebrate the gathering of the tribes at VikingsCon with a Traditional Viking-style dinner hosted by The Society of Rigr. Dine and converse with honored guests while learning about the history of the vikings and viking culture. Feast on an assortment of cheese and bread. Enjoy traditionally prepared honey glazed smoked pig, smoked chicken, and served with root vegetables seasoned with natural spices. 


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Great Army Battle

Raise the fyrd, gather your clan and prepare to FIGHT!! Join VikingsCon for an epic, live action battle. Immersive Entertainment.  Join the Great Viking Army battle 

1st Annual VikingsCon Cosplay Contest Winner

Congratulations to Michael Joglar!

Michael has often heard he resembles Floki from the History Channel's hit T.V. series Vikings. Having never seen the show, Michael quickly searched up the series, watched the first season and was immediately hooked. After he witness the physical and personality similarities between himself and Floki, Michael decided to attend VikingsCon 2018 cosplaying  as Floki. Michael attended both days, in full character, and left many Vikings fans in awe of how he embodied the character so well. 

Michael has been cosplaying for a little over a year and hand makes his items. 

Follow him on Instagram at  @megame981   

The VikingsCon 2018 Cosplay Contest was hosted by Pop Culture Uncovered (PCU). PCU is a place for all things geeky, including comics, movies, gaming, cosplay, TV and more. For more information on PCU visit them on the web or Facebook


More Programming...

And much more...

Check back often as we are still planning and adding more amazing demos and workshops.