Ragnarok Encampment


Join us for an overnight camping experience with our Ragnarok Encampment pass. You must pre-register in order to get a camping space. Spaces will not be sold at the event. This pass is $60, and can include up to 2 people on one pass. Spaces are sold in 10' x 15' lots; 1 tent per space and you must bring your own tent and supplies. Period style tent recommended, but not required. Please read below for the full rules and regulations. 

 You must have an Admission Pass in order to use this Add-On. 

Camping Rules and Regulations

  •  Camping is one night - Saturday night ONLY. (Uppsala King VIP allows camping Friday night and Saturday night)
  • 10’ x 15’ space. 
  • 1 (one) tent per space. 
  • Up to two (2) people with the purchase of one (1) Ragnarok pass. 
  • Please note that you must have an Admission Pass in order to use this Add-On.
  • Must bring own tent and supplies. There are no bunks, cabins or RVs are allowed.
  • Period style tent is encouraged. 
  • Non-period tent set up is after official con hours (8:00 p.m. or later).
  • Only Period style tents should be up during convention hours.
  • Your tent set-up must be taken down and stored, and your camp space completely cleared by 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Anything found after the close of the event shall be considered abandoned property and may be disposed of by the event staff or the Fairgrounds management.
  • Obviously, don't leave valuables unsecured in your camp.
  • Use the bathrooms at the fairgrounds, they will stay open all night.
  • Do not use hay, straw or mulch as rushes or ground cover under your tent.
  • Garbage disposal: You must bag your trash and take it to the nearest dumpster, or take it with you offsite to be disposed.
  • Don't expect to have electricity in your camp. There are outlets in the bathrooms for hairdryers and grooming appliances. However - you are not permitted to charge cell phones at these public outlets. 
  • Quiet hours are 12am - 7am. Please be considerate of your neighbors when contemplating high-decibel night-time activities (drumming, piping, singing, etc.) 
  • Under NO circumstances may the existing utilities be altered and/or modified in any manner. You may not access or tie into any water lines or electrical boxes in order to install new or additional connections. Anyone attempting to alter and/or modify any of the existing utilities will be evicted from the event without a refund and shall be responsible for any and all damages resulting from their actions. 
  • You must check out with a TRS Staff or Volunteer upon breaking down and leaving camp so that your area can be inspected. 


  •  We will allow pre-approved fire per campsite/group. TRS Staff will check for proper equipment before any fires are to be lit. You can be asked to put your campfire out at any time as well, at TRS discretion.
  • All fires must be in fire pit that is raised off the ground (no direct fire on the ground) - NO EXCEPTIONS. You must provide your own fire pit and equipment.
  • Absolutely NO fires underneath any tree, or within 20 feet of a building structure. 
  • Do not attempt to have any kind of flame in your tent. People have been seriously injured or even killed by making this mistake.
  • You are responsible for supplying your own firewood. Do not cut the fairgrounds foliage for firewood. Under no circumstances may garbage, refuse, hay, or straw be burned. 
  • Before leaving camp, extinguish any fires so that they are no longer smoking or smoldering. 

 * Please note that re-enactors do not have to purchase an Encampment pass.

 Re-enactors should complete the Re-enactors Application on the Programming page to participate in the living history encampment.