Battle For Kattegat

Rules & Registration


You must have a pass to attend VikingsCon in order to register to participant in the Battle for Kattegat. 

Men and women are encouraged to participate. 

The Characters


Main Characters:

Bjorn Ironside (Son of Ragnar)

Floki (Friend of Ragnar)

Ubbe (Son of Ragnar)

Ivar (Son of Ragnar)

Hvitserk (Son of Ragnar)

Sigurd (Son of Ragnar)

King Harald (Brother of Halfdan)

Halfdan "The Black" (Brother of Harald)

Lagertha (Ragnar's first wife)

Torvi (Shieldmaiden to Lagertha)


A list of  Norse  names for the Extras is posted on the registration form.

Immersive Entertainment Experience



Immersive Entertainment Experience or IEE is similar to LARP (Live Action Role Playing) but its much more. The rules are simple and anyone, regardless of your experience, can participate.  

The Battle For Kattegat is a carefully crafted immersive event with special attention to detail given to costume and garb. This provides you with an unparalleled entrance to the Viking era. To achieve this level of realism, all the players must engage the world within the event guidelines. 

Here you will find details on Costume & Garb, Combat & Safety, and general rules.

Safety & Combat


Basic Rules

Our goal is to create a simple, and fluid combat system that does not require major split-second math, does not incur major debate on the field and is safe for all players. We desire to give the most realistic combat experience with the understanding that we are using foam weapons and nobody is really dying .


  1. Each body part has a single point.  If you’re hit in the limb, that limb is gone.  Two limb hits, you’re dead.
  2. Taking two points will cause a player to be out.
  3. A hit to the torso will cause a player to be out because that delivers two points.
  4. If you get hit just accept the hit. Dying is fun. Die epically.
  5. We ask all participants to Self-Police. However, the Herald (Referee) is the primary authority responsible for interpreting and enforcing the rules on the battlefield.
  6. No shield bashing
  7. No intentional head hitting. But, if you’re hit in head, you’re dead. 
  8. Not hitting to hurt. Expect to get bruised, but no one should be trying to take another person’s head off or trying to break bones. Use the weapon to convey the hit.

(Photo credit: Weekend Warrior Experience)



  1. Minimum age: 16
  2. All participants must signs release form before they will be allowed to participate. For those under the age of 18 a legal guardian must sign the release form. 
  3. All participants are required to wear a costume (“garb”).  Proper garb not only benefits the player, but enhances the experience of other players and improves the overall atmosphere of the event.
     A.  Tunic, chainmaille, leather for torso armor, or bare chest is acceptable.
     B.  Modern clothing (jeans, sweat pants, tennis shoes, etc.) is not allowed.
     C.  No logos or prints or camouflage patterns.
     D.  All participants must wear Colors to distinguish Vikings from Saxon:
           i.  Vikings: red/brown/burgundy
           ii.  Saxon: blue/black



Weapons must be of the foam-latex or foam injection-molded type.   The following weapons will be used during the battle:

  • Long Sword
  • Shield
  • Axe
  • Spear
  • Bow/Arrow

More information about our weapons policy can be found on our FAQ page. 


  1. One handed weapon (sword, dagger, axe) delivers one point.
  2. Two handed or Throw weapons (Spear, arrow) delivers two points, but may only deliver one point to a limb.
  3. Only missile weapons are arrows ( No spears should be thrown) 


Archery allowed (flat arrow, 30 lb bow). Latex weapons, sturdy foam. 

Armor and Hitpoints

 Armor provides localized protection. Meaning, it only provides protection where you are wearing it. You can stack your armor. Hit and armor hitpoints are localized, that means if you are hit in the arm, you lose the use of that arm, etc... a hit to an unarmored torso is a kill. The loss of two limbs equates to a kill.
Armor (Leather) counts as one point and only covers what it actually covers.
Metal armor (chainmail) counts as two point.
Max hit point is 5 hitpoints(Example) leather (1), chainmail (2)  plus skin (1) is 4 hitpoints.  So basically, if you have on leather, chainmail and, of course, you have skin, you are out (die) after having 4 hitpoints delivered onto you.

Valid Hit locations:

  1. Arms
  2. Legs
  3. Torso

NON-Valid Hit locations:

  1. Head
  2. Groin

Being woundedIf you lose a limb in combat, you must drag that leg or let the arm go limp. You cannot use a wounded limb to block incoming blows. If you loose two limbs, or are wounded in the torso, you are considered mortally wounded and dead. 

Costume & Garb


Costume and Garb Description

  • Both males and females may be warriors.
  •  All combatants must be in combat garb suitable for action sports for anything that involves intentional fighting. 
  • As all players are human and living in a gritty and practical human world, the armor and weapons should reflect that. Nothing crazy, impractical or super high concept. Think, "if it would not fit on screen in Vikings then it is out of place".

Bjorn Clan


Ivar Clan