Steve Huff - Creative Combat


 Steven Huff is the Founder and Director of Creative Combat, a Los Angeles based martial arts fight and action performance training studio.  Steve has had a lifelong passion of martial arts and weapons which were also fueled by his love of movies and comics as a kid, particularly those of the fantasy and sci fi genre.  As an internationally recognized weapons and combatives instructor, Steve has had the opportunity to travel and train with some of the best martial artists in the world.  With degrees in history and education, he has been recognized for his studies and research into several historical fighting systems, including examining the various cultures behind those systems.  He has gained international recognition for his work in early American, Viking and Gladiatorial combatives in particular.  Making the move to Los Angeles from Virginia 6 years ago, Steve started a new path as a Fight Choreographer, Action Coordinator, Actor and Performer in the entertainment industry appearing in such films as "From the Veil", "Equitism", "Some Kind of Evil" and "A Beautiful Place" and on TV in shows such as "Stan Lee's Fangasm" and "America: Fact vs Fiction".  He also continues to train and study, often bringing all of his areas of interest together.   

 At VikingsCon, Steve will be offering a Basic and Intermediate Viking Combat workshop, as well as an Intro to Fight Choreography workshop. Participants will be taught a basic choreographed Viking Combat sequence which they will then be able to use on the battle field.  

Known For:

Film: From the Veil; Equitism; Some Kind of Evil; A Beautiful Place

T.V.: Stan Lee's Fangasm; America: Fact vs Fiction