Marc Alan Edelheit


Best Selling Author Marc Alan Edelheit is the ultimate history fan, and incorporates that passion into his work, bringing greater realism to his fans. His current series include the award-winning Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer, Tales of the Seventh, and The Karus Saga. When Marc is not traveling the world visiting historical sites, he enjoys time at home with his family in New Hope, Pennsylvania, just miles away from where Washington crossed the Delaware 

Come meet best-selling author Marc Alan Edelheit and join Marc on a Q/A panel as he discusses  how to bring ancient battlefields to life in a Fantasy setting . 

Marc will be giving away 400 copies of Stiger's Tigers (Book 1 of Chronicales of an Imperial Legionary Officer) and Stiger (Book 1 of Tales of the Seventh) at VikingsCon.

Marc will be appearing at VikingsCon on Saturday and Sunday. 

Known For:

Book Series: Tales of the Seventh, Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer, and Karus Saga 

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