David W. Roach


Marauder is a series of books written by Fantasy and Historical Fiction Novelist David Wayne Roach Jr., pen named D.W. Roach. Mr. Roach’s books focus primarily on Norse Mythology, Viking History & Lore, as well as drawing inspiration from a number of translated texts such as the Havamal (Book of the High One), Voluspa (The Witch’s Prophecy) & Grimnismal (The Words of Odin in disguise) as well as J.R.R . Tolkien classics such as The Hobbit and the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.  Join David for a Q/A panel as he discusses his book series. 

David will be appearing at vikingsCon on Saturday and Sunday. His books will be available for purchase on-site. 

Known For:

Book Series: Marauder, Valhalla Unleashed, and Realm of Fire 

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