David Gray Rodgers


David Gray Rodgers is a novelist and historian specializing in Late Antiquity, the Migration Era, and the Viking Age. His popular history books include Sons of Vikings: History, Legends, and Impact of the Viking Age (co-authored by Kurt Noer) and Heroic Women Your History Teachers Never Told You About. His Fall of Rome novels include Usurper and The Songs of Slaves. Rodgers has written numerous articles on Norse history, lore, customs, warfare, music, and lifestyle for the SonsofVikings.com blog.  

Rodgers and Noer published the book, Sons of Vikings in 2018. They wanted to write a book that would provide quality, accurate information for people who were intrigued by Vikings on screen but maybe not ready to dive into the deep end of the library just yet. Instead of writing another traditional history with piles of dates and details, Sons of Vikings introduces these dramatic events through biographical sketches. So, the reader easily comes to understand the tales, their meaning, and the broader story behind them. 

Rodgers followed up Sons of Vikings with 2019’s Heroic Women Your History Teachers Never Told You About. Though history is full of amazing women who did big things, the average person seems unaware of all but a few of the more recent ones. Rodgers introduces these characters, their historical context, and why they matter. This broad book starts in Ancient Egypt, then travels through Rome, Byzantium, and China before coming back to rest in the Viking Age. A second volume is in the works, which will begin with the remarkable women of the 12th century and then move through the Renaissance. 

Before writing these two non-fiction books, Rodgers published two novels. The Songs of Slaves (2013) tells the story of Connor, an escaped Irish captive who becomes embroiled in the 410 Gothic sack of Rome. 2017’s Usurper tells of some of the same events from the opposite perspective. In Usurper, Severus is a Roman soldier who leaves Britain with the notorious Constantine III to save the empire from barbarian hordes and political implosion. Both novels are factually accurate adventure stories that offer an immersive experience of this cataclysmic period.

Rodgers became obsessed with mythology as a young child and attempted to read The Iliad in fourth grade. Mythology led to Tolkien and other fantasy novels, but as Rodgers grew older, he found that history was even more fascinating than anything people could make up. His obsession with history and lore have led him to pursue a path consistent with Viking ethos. He is a career fire officer with 25 years of service, a college lecturer in pre-hospital emergency medicine, a lifetime martial artist, and has competed in national and international endurance races. November 2020 will be his first appearance at VikingsCon. 

Known For:

Books: Sons of Vikings: History, Legends, and Impact of the Viking Age 

Heroic Women Your History Teachers Never Told You About 


The Songs of Slaves