Artists and Vendors

Join our Vikings Village Market

Our Vikings Village Market will features booth after booth of unique, creative and handmade products from vendors and artists who are as passionate as our attendees about the Vikings culture. The Market is an extension of VikingsCon itself — a gathering place that gives you a chance to get to know your fellow attendees and find special wares or art.

Artist Application

Exhibitor & Food/Beverage Vendor Application

We are seeking food vendors/trucks and beverage (including alcohol) vendors for this event. Please use the Exhibitor & Food/Beverage application above or email us directly at for more information. 

Confirmed Vendors and Artists

A Thousand Rasps 

Warfire Forge 

Valhalla Horns 

The Crafty Celts 

Horny Things 

David W Roach 

Pendragon Chainmail 

Burn or Bust  

Leif Ericson Viking Ship, Inc.  

HammerSol Jewelry  

Valkyrie Leather  

Dragon Distillery  

Charm City Meadworks 

Fearghal Blades 

Ignited Arts & Design  

The Everyday Viking  

Lynrace Leather & Art  

Surbrook Creations LLC  

Which Niche  

Dragons Fair LLC  

BricknFire Pizza Company  

VikingsCon does not guarantee attendance or exhibitor sales. All dealers exhibit at their own financial risk.