The Red Serpents


Every Red Serpents event is tailor-made to be the best experience for the biggest fans 

Making Fan Conventions Badass

Our team of experienced event designers and event managers began developing themed entertainment that brings a CULTURAL ASPECT OF A RENAISSANCE FAIR, with interactive workshops and demos led by celebrity guests, and the TRADITIONAL ELEMENTS OF A CONVENTIONAL COMIC CON by including Q/A Panels, Celebrity Autograph signings and Photo Opportunities.



SpartaCon is the only dedicated Spartacus convention in the U.S. for fans of ancient history, culture, fantasy, and the "sword-and-shield" genres, such as Spartacus, Rome, Gladiator, 300, and other similar t.v. series and movies.  



VikingsCon is the only dedicated fan convention in the U.S. for fans of the History show Vikings, as well as Viking history, culture, fantasy, and the "sword-and-shield" genres.