Sponsorship Opportunities

VikingsCon is a great event to get your brand noticed before, during and after the con! We have a wide range of sponsorship's and other advertising options to choose from.

Naming Rights
“VikingsCon is brought to you by {sponsor name}”
- Sponsor name included on all banners and other signage, website, social media sites, and all other marketing/graphic materials, as well as everything listed below*. This is a great way to tie your brand to ours - before, during and after the event.
*Except where marked "exclusive rights"
Investment: $25,000

Branded Photo Ops
- Sponsor logo will be seen on every digital copy and printed photo taken with our celebrity guests.
Investment: $10,000*
Non-Exclusive Investment: $5,000
*exclusive rights

Info Booth
- Info Booth will be “Presented By {sponsor name}”, and branded with your name/logo/images. This is where attendees can pick up swag bags, program guides, etc. Our attendees often have questions they need answered, and the Info Booth is the place to go.
Investment: $2,500

Ticket Confirmation Page Advertisement
- Your ad/logo will be placed on each ticket confirmation page (emailed and/or printed) for every pass purchased for our event.
Investment: $3,500*
Non-Exclusive Investment: $1,500

*exclusive rights

Encampment Sponsor
- Have company signage on banners around encampment area; and if you like, you can provide some branded swag or other materials to give out to attendees staying overnight in the encampment.
Investment: $2,500*
Non-Exclusive Investment: $1,000

*exclusive rights

Handout Distribution
- Sponsor representative can hand out marketing materials in the Village Market or Registration area to attendees.
Investment: $650 per day (sponsor provides materials)

Promo Item Inserts
- Attendees will get your promo item in their registration bag!
Investment: $600 (sponsor provides insert; TRS to stuff)

Booth Drop
- Have your materials distributed to all exhibitors before the Village Market opens Saturday or Sunday.
Investment: $500 per day (sponsor provides materials; TRS to distribute)

- Have your company banner placed in the General Admission areas of the event. There are a ton of places to hang banners around the fairgrounds to be seen by attendees throughout the weekend.
Investment: $250 (sponsor to provide banner, TRS to rig)

If you are interested in a sponsorship package, please email us at Sponsors@redserpents.com.